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DKNN OC - Minako Hirasawa Version 2.0 :iconapenasumageekdlc:ApenasUmaGeekDlc 6 3 Naruto OC - Tomoyo Uzumaki: Night (reapload) :iconapenasumageekdlc:ApenasUmaGeekDlc 5 5 Akira Hiromichi - Screenshot :iconapenasumageekdlc:ApenasUmaGeekDlc 2 0 Original Character: MiyakoYoshiko - Screenshot :iconapenasumageekdlc:ApenasUmaGeekDlc 4 0 Halloween Special - Tomoyo, Minako and Rildrin :iconapenasumageekdlc:ApenasUmaGeekDlc 1 3 Rildrin, The Elf - Project 1/??? (Anime Version) :iconapenasumageekdlc:ApenasUmaGeekDlc 1 5 Art Trade - Nakamura Undertale OC :iconapenasumageekdlc:ApenasUmaGeekDlc 3 2 Rildrin, The Elf (Anime Version) - Project 1 :iconapenasumageekdlc:ApenasUmaGeekDlc 6 2 DKNN OC - Minako Hirasawa: Soo Kawaii! :iconapenasumageekdlc:ApenasUmaGeekDlc 3 3 Naruto OC - Tomoyo Uzumaki: See Stars! :iconapenasumageekdlc:ApenasUmaGeekDlc 5 5 DKNN OC - Minako Hirasawa: I'm Alone :iconapenasumageekdlc:ApenasUmaGeekDlc 3 7 Naruto OC - Tomoyo Uzumaki: This is my hair! :iconapenasumageekdlc:ApenasUmaGeekDlc 11 0 DKNN OC - Minako Hirasawa Full Body :iconapenasumageekdlc:ApenasUmaGeekDlc 3 9 OC Project - Minako Hirasawa :iconapenasumageekdlc:ApenasUmaGeekDlc 4 2 Uchiha Kinomoto Line Art :iconapenasumageekdlc:ApenasUmaGeekDlc 3 7 Naruto OC - Tomoyo Uzumaki: For You :iconapenasumageekdlc:ApenasUmaGeekDlc 5 0



Akira Hiromichi - Screenshot
About the character

Name: Akira Hiromichi (ア キ ラ 弘道 Hiromichi Akira)
Age: 17 years.
Height: 1.86
Information: Akira studies at the University of Tokyo and is also an actor. It acts in a well-known novel series in Japan, but not like recognition. It has a strong personality, but still manages to be very kind and funny. It makes friends easily, so also relies too easy on people out, what, for him, is a problem. It is also very easy to get into trouble!
Hello guys! Well, as all who saw my last post, should know that I am producing an anime and manga (I still intend to be a mangaka very successful). It calls Chiheisen In Kanata (Beyond the Horizon) and does not have ready episodes. But when you have, I hope you all enjoy! Thank you! ^^  BTS Jungkook clap
Original Character: MiyakoYoshiko - Screenshot
Hello guys! Today, I bring to you a screenshot I made an anime / manga of my own, I intend to produce in the near future with my family and friends. I will leave here the synopsis, so they can understand a little more about the story, I hope you all enjoy. Eru Chitanda (Excited) [V1] 

Beyond the horizon (地平線の彼方 Chiheisen No Kanata)


Miyako Yoshiko is a very studious girl who lives in the quiet town of Kamakura. She lives with her aunt, Cass, which has a cafeteria. Miyako is a trial in order to enter one of the most important universities of Tokyo, and in passing, she and her aunt move to Tokyo. What did Miyako did not think would happen, it was to meet Hiromichi Akira, a young 17-year-actor who acts in a very popular series throughout Japan. The meeting with akira, will change the lives of Miyako. The meeting with Miyako, will change the life of Akira.

Well, that's it. If you like, leave us comments, it is very important to me! I hope you enjoy all the characters that will bring this future anime, and everyone is happy! Thank you, and today only. ^^Icon Chitanda Eru Icon Chitanda Eru 
Some facts about Tomoyo Uzumaki

Well, as probably everyone who came here should know, Tomoyo Uzumaki is my OC, I do not know why the hell she came to be, but I love her. 👍 (≖‿‿≖👍)

Well, I will make here a list of some facts about it, since I have not spoken much since I posted the first publication about it (I should have done that, but okay), so for it to become a beloved character for several people, because this is my plan, I will talk a little more about it.ヽ ( `Д') ノ

✽ Tomoyo was born in Uzushiogakure, but after the death of her parents when she was a baby, was brought to Konoha village by ninjas.
✽ It was created by Kazumi Yasuko, a former Kunoichi in Konoha who taught at Tomoyo almost everything about ninjutsus, taijutsus or Genjutsus, which resulted in the rapid graduation young ninja in the academy, also because of its natural knowledge in sealing stamps.
✽'s in love with Genma Shiranui (do not tell me: v) that as a child still in the academy ninja saved as had been kidnapped by the village lock ninjas. Genma found her by blue stones account that it left the road and when the story was told to Minato, he soon remembered when Kushina had saved and went on to hope that Genma and Tomoyo be together someday.
✽ Her favorite food is Temaki, but occasionally she eats Ramen also has nothing against.
✽ In corresponding to "Naruto Classic" Tomoyo was the Anbu organization and had 29-30 years. Already the corresponding Naruto Shippuden, it has 32-33 and would no longer be the Anbu organization if then joining the Jounnin squad.
✽ Tomoyo never liked Anko Mitarashi out, what made clear when he says "this woman annoys me." But she has always been a great friend of Yugao Uzuki.

So guys, for now it is, I hope you have enjoyed Tomoyo! For sure she liked you. (͠≖ ͜ʖ͠≖) 👌
I hope you have fun with it and it becomes very dear (I have spoken it '-') by many people in the future! Thank you and goodbye! (> ‿◠) ✌


ApenasUmaGeekDlc's Profile Picture
Nicole Hinata Yamamoto
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
My name is Nicole Hinata Yamamoto (So Hinata Hyuuga is one of the characters I like in Naruto) and I was born in Brazil, but I am currently living in Tokyo, Japan. My first OC was Kiyumi Uchiha, but I was not satisfied with she then created Tomoyo Uzumaki (because I thought Genma needed a pair), and so I started to create several OCs for various animes, but only Tomoyo (Naruto) and Minako Hirasawa (Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou) has a digital version. I intend to give a digital version to all my OC's, and soon publish a manga with original characters. For now, that's all I have to talk, so I hope everyone like me, of my characters, and my arts! Goodbye! :3


- Naruto, Naruto Shippuden
- Bleach
- Fairy Tail
- Danshi Koukousei No Nichijou
- Work!!
- Shougeki no Soma
- Shingeki No Kyojin
- Another
- Corpse Party
- Elfen Lied
- Jigoku Shoujo (Hell girl)
- Ghost Hound
- Death Note
- Sword Art Online
- Log Horizon
- Hyouka
- Spice and Wolf
- Vampire Knight
- Diabolik Lovers

And very others.

Anime Shipps!


- Naruto and Sakura
- Sasuke and Karin
- Sasuke and Hinata
- Hinata and Toneri
- Kakashi and Rin
- Neji and Tenten
- Sai and Ino
- Kiba and Ino
- Shikamaru and Temari
- Gaara and Matsuri

and very others.

Fairy Tail:

- Natsu and Lucy
- Gray and juvia
- Erza and Jelleal


- Ichigo and Orihime. Only. :v

Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou:

- Hidenori and Yassan. Only too.

Shingeki no Kyojin:

- Eren and Mikasa
- Armin and Sasha
- Levi and ???

Log Horizon:



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